Saturday, June 10, 2023

Postcard From the Edge – Part Deux

In response to our post last week, we have received another message from our mysterious, anonymous pen pal located in Williamsburg.  This week, our writer wrote –

“I was surprised to see my postcard published.  Not much happening here in Wmb. (Williamsburg), although the Lavender Light Yahoo group struggles to find dinner invitees.  Also, there is a LGBT group at William & Mary, although I have not seen a college classroom in over 40 years.”

There is a lot to unpack in this latest communication from our pen pal.

First, we love the Williamsburg area (as do many that live on the Southside) and are surprised more events and activities are not taking place in the area.  We need to remedy this situation.

Second, I was aware of the Lavender Light Yahoo group and with 179 members, we can surely plan an event or two!

Third, we have a few student contacts at William & Mary that will let us know what is happening on campus this year.

Finally, we are very ‘queerious’ about our pen pal’s identity and have a vague clue as to our pen pal’s age, but not much else to work with other than he/she/they have legible handwriting.  Reveal yourself!

That being said, OutWire757 remains committed to planning an event in Williamsburg and want to challenge our pen pal and gentle readers in the Williamsburg area about what type of event they would like to attend.  We need your input!

A few ideas include:

  • Cycling tour of the historic area(s) of Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown/Jamestown or Colonial Parkway;
  • Wine/craft beer tourism;
  • Social event at a unique venue;
  • Group dinner;

Feel free to send us a postcard (BTW, we have forgotten the simple pleasure of receiving a hand-written postcard in the mail), send us an email at or post an idea on social media.  We want to hear from you!  Although, do not send smoke signals, we are illiterate in that area of communication.

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