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ODU Brings Nneka Onuorah’s “The Same Difference” to Hampton Roads

On Monday October 17 at Old Dominion University’s Webb Center, documentary filmmaker Nneka Onuorah presents her groundbreaking 2015 film The Same Difference. 

By putting a spotlight on the black lesbian/bisexual community the documentary explores the internal-homophobia and gender roles that play out within the community, including the kind of judgment that stud-on-stud couples, bisexual women and pregnant aggressives face from their peers.

Ten years after The Aggressives told the story of ag lesbians (or black women who prefer more masculine attire and stature), The Same Difference interviews well-known figures like Snoop Pearson (The Wire), Lea Delaria (Orange is the New Black), AzMarie Livingston (Empire) and Dee Pimpin (Catfish), as well as friends and other people in the community who share their strong opinions on whether they think the policing of our identities are helpful or hurtful. Without condemning any of the participants or their thoughts, The Same Difference examines the relationships the black queer female community has with itself and within the larger scope of the LGBT rainbow.

“I decided to make a documentary about discrimination in the lesbian community because I’ve seen it so much, growing up in the community,” Onuorah said in a 2015 interview with “I wanted to create content that liberated and changed lives.”

The ODU Office of Intercultural Relations, along with Gay Cultural Studies, the Safe Space Committee and Women’s Studies is presenting the screening and Q&A with Onuorah as part of their 2017 LGBT History Month celebration. The event is open to the public and free of charge.


Date & Time: Monday, October 17, 2016
3-4 PM: Student Discussion
6-8 PM: Film Screening and Q&A with the Filmmaker

Where: Old Dominion University’s Webb Center, Hampton/Newport News Room

Contact: (757) 683-4328

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