Friday, March 24, 2023

[VIDEO] Hershee Bar Hires Legal Counsel

Andy Fox of WAVY TV 10 reported today that Annette Stone, owner of the Hershee Bar, has hired attorney Brian Kunze with the Waldo & Lyle law firm Norfolk in her continuing effort to seek relocation assistance from the City of Norfolk.

In an interview with WAVY, Kunze said, “The code says if anybody has to move their business because of an acquisition by a state agency, including the City of Norfolk, then they have to pay the relocation fee,” Kunze said.

The property on which the 35-year-old Hershee Bar sits was recently sold by its owners to the City of Norfolk for $1.5 million, forcing Stone and the Bar out of the location in Norfolk’s Five Points where they’re operated for 35 years.

Watch the entire segment from WAVY 10 below.

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