Zain Welsh Shares His Transition Journey in “Herstory to History” Blog

Zain Welsh at Equality Virginia’s TIES conference. (Source: Zain Welsh)

Earlier this year, Hampton Roads resident Zain Welsh, started “Herstory to History”, a blog detailing in his words, “into becoming ME a Transman.”  Zain came out as trans in December 2011, began hormone therapy in 2015,  has been known as Zain since his name change in 2014 and in early 2016 had his gender marker changed to align with his true identity.

His blog is about his transition experiences and his life’s journey.  Going forward, OutWire757 will feature Zain’s blog posts as he has a frank, unique point of view and advice for everyone in the community.  In his latest post, he shares his recent healthcare challenges and the importance of listening to your body, taking care of yourself and having an understanding healthcare team on your side.

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Should you need transgender resources, please visit the Transgender Assistance Program of Virginia (TAP).