Sunday, March 26, 2023

[Commentary] How to Handle Brown Nosing Coworkers

You know what really ‘Gets Me Going?’  Brown-Nosing co-workers.  I detest any individual who goes out of their way to garner a likeness or acceptance from their superior.  Have you no self-dignity?!  I mean really, who can respect a person like that?  I know I can’t and it pains me to witness such unsophisticated behavior.  In my most humble opinion, if said sycophant has a goal of climbing the corporate/social ladder, this seems like a counter-productive method.  Why would anyone trust a person who consistently snitches and backstabs their team?  Other than being used, these people usually do not make it far.  You have the boss, who is side-eyeing you, but may need your deceitful input.  Then you have your fellow co-workers, once you’ve been found out, no one will like you and people will be sure to keep their distance.  Is that a way to live your 40 plus work week?  I think not.  There are some ways you can deal with these yes-men, below are great ways to make the workplace a little easier when they’re around.

  • Get to know them better and cater to their insecurities.  More than likely, they are insecure on some level.  Often you can gauge that by seeing how they respond to compliments and praise. 
  • In tandem with the aforementioned point, exaggerated adulation can have a confusing effect on the individual.  They may be thrown off and even fearful.  It can often cause them to keep their distance and throw a wrench in their devious plans.
  • Document the issues you’re having and how it affects your work.  It is always wise to keep written documentation, including dates and times of when uncomfortable or rude encounters occur. 
  • Point out their incompetency’s to them privately.  This works because one of the main reasons why one becomes a BN is because they are not good at their job.  In their mind, covering up their flaws with everyone else’s and being a pet to the boss secures their position.  Let them know that you are aware of their errors and do it with a smile.

If some of these suggestions just aren’t your type of interaction, simply keep your distance and vent to like minded co-workers.  Avoiding contact can also emit a ‘keep away’ vibe that the office annoyance may catch on to.  Breathe and most importantly, remain professional!!

It’s not easy working with these spineless characters.  Hopefully, these tips will guide you in a direction to keep you positive and out of HR.  Thanks for reading!  Cheers!

Trina Davenport, a Baltimore native, has been writing for over a decade and has an array of multiple talents.  She holds a wealth of knowledge regarding media and loves to express herself through writing as well as a podcast she and her brother host.  Trina’s background includes an IT degree as well as holding a four-year position as Vice President for a Baltimore Non-Profit.  She also has a business called Vino Visuals that creates fine art using wine corks.  She is thrilled to be a part of the OutWire757 family.

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