Saturday, April 1, 2023

Get Back on Track with a Fitness ‘Evolution’

Anyone else feel behind the eight ball? I heard it said the other day, the perfect description of how I’ve been feeling in February so far, “January was a really tough year!”

So now we have only 11 months to set and achieve our New Year Resolutions. Let the panic begin! What? Still not motivated to set or follow through on resolutions this year? The trendy thing to call them is New Year Evolutions. So let’s do that. Less devolution; more evolution!

  1. This year I will evolve into a more gentle human. I will drive with more patience and will strive to scream at other drivers less. Fewer times. And pedestrians crossing outside the crosswalks. I will just let. It. Go.  
  2. I will encourage everyone I know to vote. Whomever you choose to vote for, I don’t care, but get off your arse and participate, dammit!
  3. I will develop a sensible meal plan. Willpower is tough for many of us. The best tip ever for reducing intake, especially if you eat out a lot: slide half of your restaurant portion into a ToGo box before you take the first bite. Out of sight, out of mind. Eat the remaining half now and take the rest home for tomorrow.

For complete meal planning, it will take a bit more effort. Here’s a couple great nutrition resources I find helpful.

4.  I will workout a minimum 3 days every week, and do some sort of exercise every day. A little something each day helps, but alone its not enough. A good sweat-inducing workout three times each week will get your energy up and your weight down.

5.  I will give up ______________. Fill in your own blank. You know one thing you can do without that is currently not the best for you. We each have our vice, so give it up!

Take small steps, and one big leap of faith that you can make three Evolutions that you want to work on this year, but get to it! You only have 10 ½ months to get it right!

Jan Cline Fitness
Jan Cline, Personal Trainer

Mr. Jan Cline is a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Jan Cline Fitness. He is known as the traveling trainer, as he comes to you, at work, home, or anywhere outdoors to exercise. Jan works with individuals and small groups, generally for the 40ish and older crowd. Check out his website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter for some great free fitness advise, @JanClineFitness.

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